Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Tour of Our Homeschool Room

Here are some pictures of our homeschool room:

The door going into our homeschool room (Luke drew that picture of our school).

Faith Christian Academy

Faith Christian Academy

Our geography wall - This is where we will put all of geography stuff we are learning.

Our learning board - this is where we will put everything we are currently learning - Scripture verses, Spanish words, our current continent, and Bible study.

Our white board.

Our world map where we will chart our course across the globe.

My desk.

My bookshelf.

The top of my desk.

The bottom of my desk.

My scrapbooking supplies.

Our science wall - we are studying the 7 Days of Creation more in depth.

Our history time line - from Creation to waiting for Christ's return.

Our work table.

Our Kindergarten curriculum.

Past years' curriculum.

Our school supplies.

Luke's art supplies.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. :)


  1. I love that your homeschool has a name! That's a great idea! Hmmmm... I'm not sure what I'd name mine but that's something to sleep on! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Courtney. Actually the name is in honor and memory of our daughter, Alexis Faith. :)