Friday, August 19, 2011

Expedition Earth - Asia - China

This week Luke and I started our trek across the globe. Our first stop was China. It was a great country to visit and we learned so many interesting things.

The first day we stamped our passports and found China on our map. Luke colored the map of China (sorry, I don't have a picture) and we wrote down some key things about China.

Each week we will look up words in each language. The language of China is Mandarin. Here are the words we looked up in Mandarin:

Here is the flag of China: (the red represents the revolution, the big yellow/gold star represents Communism, and the 4 little yellow/gold stars represent the classes of people)
Here is Luke working on his lapbook entry for China:

Luke playing tanagrams (a popular game/craft in China):

Here is Luke making a Chinese fan: (he is drawing Chinese numbers on it)

I think it turned out great. :)

Here is Luke making a Chinese lantern:

Again, I am pleased with how they turned out:

Luke with his Great Wall of China:

We gave Luke a red envelope filled with lucky money (AKA video game bucks) as is a custom in China.

The most important thing we do each week is pray for the people of China each day. We specifically prayed for missionaries, lost people, and for growth despite the Communist government.

We also read some great books related to China including: The Story of Ping, 5 Chinese Brothers, Stone Soup, Panda Kindergarten, and The Runaway Wok.

He also played Chinese checkers with Lee. We plan to go out for Chinese food this weekend.

Next stop: Japan

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