Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum - Handwriting - A Reason for Handwriting

Kindergarten Curriculum - Handwriting

What We Are Using: A Reason for Handwriting

How I Found It:
I used Handwriting Without Tears last year because it was promoted by Sonlight. I liked it but I thought I would just see what else was out there. I went to The Homeschool Gathering Place (the best store) and browsed. I found A Reason for Handwriting and loved it.

Why I Chose It: I chose it because each week you work toward being able to write a Bible verse. I am all about basing my curriculum on the Bible and God's principles so this was a perfect fit.

What Will We Do? Monday through Friday we will work on different letters and words in the Bible verse and on Friday he will write it out on a border sheet. We are encouraged to give them to people.

I really think we will like this curriculum.

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