Saturday, August 27, 2011

Expedition Earth - Asia - Japan

This week Luke and I made our 2nd stop on our trek across the globe. We went to Japan. It was a great country to visit and we learned so many interesting things.

The first day we stamped our passports and found Japan on our map. Luke colored the map of Japan (sorry, I don't have a picture) and we wrote down some key things about Japan.

Each week we look up words in each language. The language of Japan is Japanese. In Japanese, "Luke" is "Ru ku", "Hello" is "Kon nichi wah", and "Thank You" is "Arigato."

Luke colored the flag of Japan. It was a nice, easy one. It is white with a red-filled circle in the middle.

He made a lapbook for China and put his favorite thing about Japan, doing Origami.

We made carp (fish) necklaces. We colored each fish a different color and talked about what each color was in Japanese. Here are the necklaces:

Here is the Origami we made - Yellow Butterflies (how appropriate):

Luke and I went out on a mommy-son date to a Japanese steakhouse this week. Here we are all dressed up and ready to go:

The most important thing we do each week is pray for the people of the country each day. We specifically prayed for missionaries, lost people, and for growth as well as safety from the volcanoes and tsunamis.

Next stop: India

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