Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally Feel Prepared

After about 3-4 months of praying, thinking, rethinking, researching, combing through websites and The Homeschool Gathering Place (the best store ever) for curriculum, re-doing our entire school room (painting, putting different furniture in there), working for days and days on lesson plans, and perfecting everything...



It is such a nice feeling. The homeschool room looks amazing. I will post pictures or a video later, but I am just so excited that I got my desk organized (even found room for all of my scrapbooking supplies), got all of my books on one bookcase (I love to read), got all of the supplies organized on a shelf, and most importantly got all of my curriculum organized and ready to go.

I am the type that is very all-or-nothing so I go nuts and work my rear end off a lot up front so that I don't have to do much other than teach the rest of the year. I lesson plan for the entire year in advance (yes, it takes lots of time, frustration, and Tylenol) and then tweak as I need to. I am too OCD to just wing it. I really like it though because I can pull out the lesson plans and materials (that are already sorted and copied and ready to go) and just teach each day.

I am really excited especially now that it is all in place and ready to go.


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