Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum - Reading - ABeka Readers/Handbook & OPGtTR

Kindergarten Curriculum - Reading

What We Are Using: ABeka Readers/Handbook and Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading

How I Found It:
My friend, Vicky, works at The Homeschool Gathering Place and has homeschooled 3 children (1 is almost done with high school). She has a ton of experience with homeschooling and curriculum. She was kind enough to gift me the book, Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading, and it is awesome. ABeka readers and handbook were suggested to me from another great homeschooling friend.

Why I Chose It: It really chose me. LOL! It is great because it goes step-by-step in the correct order of phonetically learning how to read. I love that each lesson is in sequential order, reviews previous lessons, and tells me exactly what to do and say. Luke has learned very quickly from this book. I chose ABeka readers because they are great and are in order (I love order).

What Will We Do? In conjunction with our spelling curriculum, we will be doing daily lessons to learn each exercise. We started with short vowels, then the rest of the phonograms, then the long vowels, and then build on it. We will work through the ABeka handbook first and then start reading through the readers as we get to each level. We will also be reading some other books that line up with where we are at.

Overall I love the curriculum we are using. So far we are just reviewing but I am happy that Luke remembers everything we learned last year. Hoping it goes well as reading is the #1 thing kids should learn really well. Readers are learners. Readers are leaders. :)

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