Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum - Geography - Expedition Earth

Kindergarten Curriculum - Geography

What We Are Using: Expedition Earth

How I Found It:
I love reading blogs, especially about homeschooling. I stumbled upon Erica's blog ( and I LOVE IT! She is Super Homeschool Mom. She seriously needs a cape. LOL! She puts a ton of what she does with her kids on her blog (lots of pictures) as well as curriculum she has created. I found Expedition Earth on her blog and saw some of what she had done with her kids and thought it looked great.

Why I Chose It: I think it is really important that kids (and people) know about the world and not just the tiny area they (we) live in. This is great because you journey around the world, hitting all 7 continents, The Arctic, and tons of countries.

What Will We Do? We will read about each country, color the map, color the flag, do a lapbook, do arts and crafts, make or go out for food, and most importantly, pray for the country.

Overall I think it will be a great curriculum for Luke. We may not get to do everything for each country, but I think all in all he will realize the world is a much bigger place than just Holly Springs or North Carolina or even the United States. I will be learning a lot also.

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