Friday, September 23, 2011

Kindergarten - What We Did This Week - Week 5

This week we studied about God's Friend, Abraham, and how faithful, obedient, and trusting Abraham was. We studied how God called him to go to Canaan and he completely obeyed taking his family and everything and traveling a far way. We learned how he let Lot pick his land and how unselfish he was (which turned out to work to his advantage as the place Lot picked was captured). We started talking about God's plan for Abraham's family and future descendants. I look forward to finishing Abraham next week as we talk about Isaac. We are memorizing Proverbs 3:5-6 (one of my favorites): Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.

This week we did the short vowel sounds of i and o. We read lots of words that end with -ib, -id, -ig, -im, -in, -ip, -is, -it, -ix, -ob, -od, - og, -on, -op, -ot, and -ox. He read some short-i and short -o phonetical books.

This week we did the short vowel sounds of i and o. We spelled lots of words that end with -ib, -id, -ig, -im, -in, -ip, -is, -it, -ix, -ob, -od, - og, -on, -op, -ot, and -ox.

After seeing that Luke was struggling with writing so many different letters at one time, I decided to do a review. This week we did Cc, Oo, and Aa. I was very pleased with how much better he did and the confidence he had working on each letter and the review we did on Friday went really well.

This week we started on subtraction. For some reason it is easier for him than addition. It was a nice math week. :)

This week we did the 2nd day of creation, the creation of the firmament (AKA sky). It was great. We talked about water in all three stages (liquid, solid, and gas). We looked at water in various cups, made ice cubes, and made water vapor by boiling water. We also studied clouds and used cotton balls to make a bunch of different kinds of clouds. We studied rain and snow and made our own snowflakes. It was a fun hands-on science week. He loved all of the projects.

This week we studied about Noah and the tower of Babel. Luke was excited because we had studied Noah in our Bible lesson the previous week of school. I love how much we get to reinforce Biblical truths over and over in our curriculum. He loves knowing the stories and telling me. I love hearing him tell me Bible stories.

This week we went to Russia. We located Russia on the map, colored the map, colored and learned about the flag, learned fascinating facts about Russia, learned "Hello" and "Thank You" in Russian, made a lapbook entry, and made nesting boxes (a popular thing in Russia). We plan to make a Russian apple pie and watch some of The Nutcracker on YouTube this weekend.


We focused on classroom objects (book - libro, eraser - borrador, chair - silla, table - mesa, scissors - tijeras, pencil - lapiz).

We didn't have a piano lesson this week.


We studied Tchaikovsky, a composer native to Russia.


We didn't study an artist this week because we didn't have an artist for Russia.

We stayed in a lot this week because of the yucky weather and sickness. :(

Luke learned about Samuel Morse, inventor of the Morse Code. He loved it. They learned how to use light to make the code. Very fun. He is really enjoying his CO-OP.

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