Monday, September 26, 2011

Field Trip - Colonial Times

Today Luke, Nathan, and I met a huge group of homeschoolers (some from our COOP and a bunch of others - YAY for homeschoool networking) at an awesome camp that takes everyone back to Colonial Times. A homeschool family owns and operates it and does a fantastic job. The man that ran it (seen in the sweet pinkish pants) said he started this so kids could have a hands-on field trip (not just listen and see). This is totally our kind of field trip. Enjoy the pictures!

Here is the drum and fife demonstration.

Here is Luke with his friend, Ayla, and her mom. They were enthralled.

Here is the musket demonstration. He even fired it twice.

Here is Luke making a leather bound homemade journal. They hammered nails in to make holes and then sewed it with sinew to bind it.

The guy demonstrating how to do it.

Luke hammering in the nails.

Luke after he sewed it.

Luke with his journal.

Nathan - sucking his thumb and chilling. Thank God! It was a long day.

Luke throwing tomahawks.

Luke with his Indian bead and bone necklace.

Luke doing Colonial dancing.

Luke playing Colonial games.

Luke in Colonial dress.

As you can see it was a super fun day. These are things that make me love homeschooling even more - getting to experience things instead of just reading about them in textbooks.

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