Friday, September 9, 2011

Kindergarten - What We Did This Week - Week 4

This week we studied about God's Love and how He had a plan of redemption for sin, Jesus Christ. We talked about Adam and Eve and the first sin as well as Cain and Abel's sin. We talked about how all have sinned (our Bible verse we memorized was Romans 3:23). But most importantly, we talked about Jesus, God's Son who saved us from our sins. It was a great week. We also talked about Noah and the ark.

This week we did the short vowel sound of e. We read lots of words that end with -ed, -en, -es, and -et. He read some short-e phonetical books.

This week we did the short vowel sound of e. We spelled lots of words that end with -ed, -en, -es, and -et. He used tiles to spell out the words. On Friday he had a spelling test and got all of the words right. :)

We worked on our Bible verse.

This week we worked on addition some more.

This week we continued working on the 1st day of creation. We are working on memorizing Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

This week we studied the days of creation as well as the fall of Adam and Eve and God's ultimate plan for salvation as shown in Genesis 3:16. We memorized Gen 1:1 (as seen above).

This week we went to Israel. We located Israel on the map, colored the map, colored and learned about the flag, learned fascinating facts about Israel, learned "Hello" and "Thank You" in Hebrew, made a lapbook entry, and played dreidel and adras. We read some books about Passover and Hannukah.


We focused on greetings ("Hola," "Como te llamas?," "Me llamo _________," "Como estas?," "Estoy __________," and "Adios."

We didn't have a piano lesson this week.


We didn't study a composer this week because we didn't have a composer for Israel.


We didn't study an artist this week because we didn't have an artist for Israel.

We went to the park a bunch of times.

Luke learned about the inventors of trains.

All in all it was a great short week.

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