Friday, September 9, 2011

Expedition Earth - Asia - India

This week Luke and I made our 3rd stop on our trek across the globe. We went to India. It was a great country to visit and we learned so many interesting things.

The first day we stamped our passports and found India on our map. Luke colored the map of India and we wrote down some key things about India.

Each week we look up words in each language. The language of India is Hindi. In Hindi, "Luke" is "Luke", "Hello" is "Namaste", and "Thank You" is "Dhan ya vada".

Luke colored the flag of India. It had orange, white, and green stripes with a blue wheel in the middle.

He made a lapbook for India and put his favorite thing about India, doing the stone mosaic.

Here are pictures of us Luke making the stone mosaic:

We bought a kit - I am not that artistically advanced.

Luke stirring the cement - it said to not breathe it in. He took me literally.

Luke and the mold filled with cement.

Outline of our butterfly. I bet you are shocked that we did a butterfly.

The finished product - well it still had to dry.

Luke and his tile. He is a ham.

It actually turned out great and we put it on our front porch.

The most important thing we do each week is pray for the people of the country each day. We specifically prayed for missionaries, lost people, and for Christian growth.

Next stop: Israel

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